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Custom Keyrings 

Custom keyrings are one of the most popular and cost-effective promotional tools and have a well-deserved reputation. We produce bespoke keyrings made to order in any shape, style, or size. We can make an item that will match any decorative design or concept you can imagine.

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Custom Keyring Creation

Our service is completely flexible to ensure we can help you create one-of-a-kind custom made keyrings. You can select the colour, and on our custom metal keyrings you have the option of a polished or matt plating in gold, silver, bronze, or brass. 
Quality is guaranteed, and you choose every detail. You can choose a standard or custom thickness and add attachments such as a four-link chain, lobster hook or split ring. 

Bespoke Keyring

For something a little ‘extra’ choose our Bespoke Keyrings.

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For something a little ‘extra’ choose our Bespoke Keyrings. Similar to our bespoke medals, our keyrings are made to order, so any size and design is possible.

Why not really mix things up and compliment your bespoke medal by adding a small keyring. Or alternatively, just add a lanyard to the keyring and voila!….your bespoke finisher medal can be unclipped and used as a keyring. As a keyring its a constant event reminder and lasting branding opportunity.

Please complete the quick quote form to contact us for your specific requirements, or help with a design/concept. Production time after the sample is approved is approximately 3 to 4 weeks, plus delivery time.

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2 colours


Price based on design


Any shape or size. Typically 15mm to 30mm

Enamel Colours



Shiny or Matt; in gold silver bronze & brass


Splitring and 4 link chain


Custom, 3mm is standard

Bespoke Keyrings, The Ideal Giveaway At Any Event

Our custom keyrings are ideal for sporting events and supporting your marketing campaign. They are suitable for any sport and loved by competitors, spectators, event staff, and sponsors.

100% custom keyrings are a tried and tested way to connect with your supporters. They work as a constant event reminder and effortlessly spread awareness of your event well into the future. They give you a lasting branding opportunity that is displayed every time the recipient reaches for their keys or wallet.

If you need help designing your own unique custom keyrings, you can get in touch with our team to discuss your ideas. There are many options open to you, and some, like clipping them to a lanyard to create something totally unique, you may not have thought of.

We are experts in producing keychain giveaways to your brief and budget to meet your marketing needs. We can share with you budget-friendly options all the way through to premium luxury options.

If you are searching for a corporate giveaway that will advertise your brand and want the best service, contact Appin Sports today.