Cycling is an excellent form of exercise and mode of transport and one that is becoming more popular as the population as a whole appreciates the benefits of living greener and being healthier.

Whether cycling is set to become your regular commute, a leisure activity with your local riding club, or your competitive sport challenging others at cycling events, it is crucial to pick the proper cycle wear and equip yourself with everything you need.

Here we take a look at what cycling gear you will need and why you need it.

Knowing What Cycling Gear You Need

If you plan to ride frequently, then the cycle wear you need will focus on keeping you safe and comfortable. You will need some of the cycle wear today, while other items you can invest in later down the line as your passion grows or you specialise in cross country or road cycling or downhill mountain biking.

Bike helmets can be compulsory cycle wear under the law or optional. The helmet will protect you if an accident occurs, but it also should provide visibility in heavy traffic to help avoid an accident in the first place. You should pick a helmet with high-visibility reflective patches or bright colours if you only intend to cycle during daylight hours.

You should select a bike helmet that is adjustable so that you achieve a good fit. The best helmets will include a multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS) to absorb impacts from different directions. The most suitable products include integrated lights.

Waterproof jackets and trousers are an essential item of cycle wear, keeping you warm and dry. It helps to choose a jacket with a long sleeve length that continues to cover the wrists and forearms when you are leaning forward in your riding position. The most practical trousers include zipped legs that allow you to put them on and remove them without taking off your shoes.

Waterproof overshoes that pull over your regular footwear are one method for keeping your feet dry during your commute. Alternatively, you can invest in a dedicated pair of trainers or cycling shoes. Additional items that will improve your experience and safety include warm winter gloves with windproofing and padded underwear found under cycling clothes for men or within the women’s cycling clothing range.

Cycling Jerseys And Biking Shorts

Cycling jerseys help you look the part and carry out various functions. You might like to choose a cycling jersey with pockets for stowing your essentials and an extended dropped hem covering your lower back when you lean forward into your riding position. Options include long sleeve jerseys that provide additional warmth, integrated windproofing panels, and water resistance.

Matching or contrasting cycling shorts or padded shorts should be flexible and stretchy to provide comfort. You may like to choose several designs for different weather conditions, including short and three-quarter lengths.

When choosing your cycle wear, look for items made from synthetic wicking fabrics that wick away sweat and moisture to keep you dry. You may also want to include wind-blocking and breathable options for summer and winter riding. For summer days, look for cycle wear with built-in SPF protection