Appin Sports are delighted to announce that we have now finished delivering £125,000 worth of Covid Face Masks to almost 100 UK charities. Our 1 million type IIR face masks have gone to all corners of the country to dozens of different types of charities, from national cancer charities to local community centres and scout groups.

Many of those 100 charities have further distributed the masks to smaller charities in their communities; Andy Simpson from had at last count distributed 13,350 of the 20,000 masks they received between 46 community organisations in Doncaster. Sue Williams from the 1st Rugeley Scouts Group was pounding the streets and doing community door deliveries.

Rhona McLeod, Chief Executive of the Trust Housing Association got in contact to say; “Your donation has been the largest of its kind received by Trust and we are truly touched by your decision to select our organisation as the lucky recipient. Please be assured that your contribution will be well-utilised across our staffed developments, covering 23 Local Authority areas in Scotland.”

Damien O’Looney, Appin Sports CEO commented; “I found it really interesting the many different types of charities that are still doing great community work through Covid. It’s heart-warming to see that even in troubled times, there are still so many organisations willing to give a helping hand. I’m just glad we were able to help.”


Organisations that received masks doing great community work.

Many care homes, cancer centres, dozens of foodbanks, youth clubs, national care charities, PTA’s, rotary clubs, cash for kids, disabled centres, cat & dogs home, scout groups, homeless charities, meals delivery service, jewish charities, children with complex learning disabilities, charities for kids with sleep issues, community elders visits, baby support charity, bereavement charity, biodiversity charity, community centres, homeless hostels, credit union that issues food vouchers, teen centre, meal delivery charity, kids community activities centre, youth centres, community trusts, drop-in centres, community cinema, women reskills charity, community cafe, women’s aid charity, community football charity, masks for highschool kids in deprived areas, breakfast and after-school club charities, salvation army, dementia care, school sports charities, air ambulance, community farm, volunteer drives for healthcare appointments and many charity shops.