Drawstring Bags: The Classic Promotional Giveaway

No one can deny that Drawstring Bags are the classic amongst the stream of promotional giveaway options and ideas. They are hugely popular amongst events and finishers alike thanks to their cost, usability, branding capability, and durability.
If you are looking for a promotional giveaway that is not going to completely burst your budget, and will certainly draw the attention of your participants, the iconic Drawstring Bag is definitely the way to go.
Still not completely certain as to whether Drawstrings Bags are the promotional giveaway for your event? Have a look at our 4 reasons below for why they might just be!

Budget Friendly

We understand that not all events have enormous marketing budgets, yet still have a strong desire to create an impressive marketing impact. That is why we would recommend choosing Drawstring Bags Рan excellent budget friendly product, that offers great space for promotional branding. An event can order 1000 Drawstring Bags from Appin Sports for as little as £0.50 each!

Perfect For Any Event

Drawstring Bags are a fantastic promotional giveaway for all types of events. From mass participation sporting events, educational  facilities, corporate events Рany event type can print their branding on Drawstring Bags. Thanks to their eye catching design and usability features, Drawstring Bags are truly the classic of all promotional giveaways Рa sure winner amongst any target audience!


There is nothing worse than attending an event where the branded gift breaks easily – it certainly does not leave a positive impression on your event! Appin Sports Drawstring Bags are designed for repeated use. They are very robust and reliable, making them a sustainable, eco-friendly option in comparison to plastic goody bags.

Make Them Iconic With Your Bespoke Design

One of the major advantages of having Drawstring Bags as your chosen promotional giveaway is that it is completely bespoke! With Appin Sports, you can choose to print a bespoke design on either one side, or both sides, of the Drawstring Bag. Drawstring Bags provide you with the opportunity of creating a truly iconic design that will certainly attract any passer-by!