Bandanas & Buffs

Bandanas and buffs are a popular promotional item that can be worn all year round. They are an ideal giveaway at sporting events, and because they are so loved, participants continue to wear them and advertise your organisation, long after the event has finished.

Our multifunctional buffs and bandanas are an incredibly versatile garment. Some people wear them in the winter to keep their neck or ears warm, while others use them all the time to keep their hair out of their face and eyes. Loved by almost everyone, our running scarves and bandanas are lightweight, breathable, and stretchy, offering a snug fit that isn’t too tight.

Promotional Printed Neck Warmers & Snoods

Our neck warmers, snoods, and buffs feature full colour digital sublimation printing. Using this printing technique, any design is possible. We give you complete design freedom and can add creative or simple artwork. It has never been easier to create something completely bespoke and unique.

The buffs and bandanas can be packaged in individual poly bags with printed instructions. Alternatively, the instructions can be printed onto the header cards on one side with your branding, event name, or charity on the other.

Your spectators and participants can achieve many different looks. They can be worn in twelve different ways, including as a face covering, neckerchief, sun guard, hairband, cap, hood, or balaclava. Whether the intention is to keep the sun off the back of the wearer’s neck or to keep warm yet dry, people will be de